Our Team

Meet the YIAICD Staff Around the nation


A. YIAICD National Board:

George A Ben Smith, - Founder

Mrs. Juliana Brown -Health Coordinator

Gideon Fianya- Literacy Coordinator

Philip fiifi Buckman - Legal Adviser

Mary Ayipio- Gender Activist/logistic

Esther Ayensu-Gender Activist/Women Commissioner 

Kenneth Korley -Executive Secretary

Ruth K. Amanortey- Administrator

Nancy Tewiah - Western Corridor Coordinator /welfare

Dr. Samuel E Manukure- Ag.Chairman National council of patrons

Seth Ignatius Donkor - member

Regional Team

Dela kwaku Agelesesi - Accra 

Nancy Tawiah- Western Region

Ishmael Smith -Ashanti Region

B. YIAICD Regional Coordinators

YIAICD Regional Coordinators are champions for the YIAICD cause. As David Bornstein says in his book, How to Change the World, if ideas are to take root and spread, they need champions. These champions are “obsessive people who have the skill, motivation, energy, and bullheadedness to whatever is necessary to move them forward: to persuade, inspire, seduce, cajole, enlighten, touch hearts, alleviate fears, shift perceptions, articulate meanings, and artfully maneuver them through systems” (p. 92).



          C. YIAICD National Advisory Board (YIAICD-NAB)
         These advisors provide time, energy and, in many cases, financial resources to further the YIAICD vision and mission.


D. YIAICD Takoradi Advisory Board (YIAICD-TAB)
As per YIAICD National Advisors, ditto for YIAICD Advisors.

E. Cape Coast YIAICD Coordinators
As per YIAICD Coordinator, ditto for Ghana Coordinators.







C.E.O:   George A Ben-Smith,                                                          Secretary: Kenneth Korley


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