Youth In Advancement In Community Development—is non-profit organization that links youth in communities and organizations to form groups with mentors from local tertiary institutions, the general public and businesses. Its purpose is to advance youth business and social entrepreneurship in an ethical and socially-responsible manner. Youth use their experience as a YAC-D member to become self-reliant, create wealth, and help others. YIAICD provides a new avenue for youth working individually, or in cooperative teams, as if they were business partners, and contributing to their communities.

YIAICD further believes that youth have much untapped potential which could benefit themselves and the adults in their communities. The first goal of the YIAICD program is for youth to become self-reliant and better skilled to succeed in life by actually creating their real entrepreneurial and social ventures. The second goal is for the communities to benefit directly because their YAC-D members are self-reliant and better skilled

Vision and Mission – YIAICD is a social movement organization. Our network strives to improve the community and reduce poverty by introducing business and social entrepreneurship to younger youth.

 – youth in communities are encouraged to start real-world ventures under the direction and guidance of role models from nearby staffs, YAC-D members or affiliated organizations, tertiary institution and the community at large

Facts –
YIAICD was started in 2005 by a student social entrepreneur  and some volunteers with an innovative and pattern-changing idea.

Our Team  Our team consists of community youths both male/female and their long list of supporters, including: tertiary students, business and civic leaders, and coordinators who have a passion to make a positive difference in the lives of the next generation


·         Creation of the youth structure

·         Youth club or groups are formed voluntarily- it comprises of individual memberships, students, non-students, young and adults between the ages of 14 and above

·         Grouping all youth / youth clubs in each constituency under one sub-group to form a solid regional youth body in each part of the country to form a national body

·         Each youth group operates independently but with the national agenda in mind

·         Each youth group/youth club is trained to run its activities using the YIAICD method or kits

·         Branches of YIAICD are linked to all regions with involvement of cooperating Non-Profit Organization to help the activities of the youth groups.

·         Training the youth groups/clubs to acquire skills and be innovative and creative in their environment

·         Learn formal /informal career of choice by writing your name and contact in your groups list of career choices circulating in your community. There are possibilities and probabilities 


·         Maintained by little resources mostly volunteerism

·         T-shirts, footballs, keep fit, refreshments, excursion, and tournaments

·         Ensure safe community and community resources

·         Draw and plan agenda which will involve the community and some of their elders and submit monthly reports

Entrepreneurial Activity

·         Business activity book

·         Satisfying a community need to generate income

·         Involve advisory board

·         Training on product(produce) packaging and marketing among the Community youth and groups


·         Each year there will be a national competition where district stage, regional stage and national stage to select the best community with high creativity to solve a need that benefited the whole community and the youth at a profit / non-profit.

·         Unite the youth to solidify under one banner

·         The youth become informed, involved and patriotic in the community

·         Grouping under job of choices

·         Choose skilled human resources from their very community to execute the trainings

·         Training done by masters of skilled work eg mechanics, hair dresser, dressmakers, workers college, informal education etc


·         Support

·         Direct infrastructure

·         Responsibility for its safety and maintenance

·         Sense of participation

·         Communal labor / inspections (to teach the right thing not arrest)

·         Keeping fit health wise 

Basic Activities

·         2 times keep fit per month

·         1 communal labor/ inspection

·         1 major self decided activity

·         Creation of reports

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