Description: A Non-profit organization to build community youth structure which teaches free enterprise systems, youth capacity building, skill training , healthy life, behavioral changes, tolerance, anger management and competitions among communities for poverty alleviation, rights of individual and healthy communities



Background: legally registered in 2008 under the companies code 1963 (Act 179) An NGO. Founded by George Ben-Smith in 2005, the need for an effective youth structure to help the youth both literate and the other, female, male and the challenged to show the world that many talents which are untapped die out in various communities which could have helped solved most of our current world horrors.                                               “There is no word that exist without a purpose”



Management: George A Ben-Smith, 15 years in ICT / peer educator on SRH-PPAG, Mrs. Juliana Brown, 25 years in SRH and Health- PPAG,  Gideon K. Fianya, 18 years Educationist, Ruth k. Amanortey, 4 year Administrative Assistant NFED, Kenneth Korley over 8years Western High schools, NIS, Administrator, Seth Donkor, 4 years SAGE country Director Ghana, Senior Staff UCC, Mary Ayipio 10 years, GES, Francis Ankrah  10years+ Accountant, Controller & Accountancy Generals Department, Nancy Tewiah 18 years business management, Fiifi Buckman 10years GES, 4 years legal services


Products/Services: Skill training among youth specifically; unemployed to reduce poverty, health sensitization will reach the grass root, community competitions will encourage youth reduce urban migration, Exhibition of the smallest item will boost youth inventive capacity, tolerance, behavioral change and anger management. Database will show true pattern of human resource capacity distribution in the country for future use. United youth structure in every community will pave way for strong propagation of messages to grass root. No such organization exists.



Technologies/Special Know-how: Using YIAICD/YAC-D training methods, our structure will be the most powerful tool within the next few years. For effective and practical message dissemination and societal influence YIAICD will be the best.



Markets: Our target market is the youth in the various communities. The age range is from 5-40 years. Classified into lower, middle and upper group channels. The three channels will serve as the stream for major message propagation. The kind of information with the type of age group. At full sponsorship, we expect a reciprocal growth of about 50 -60%. We hope to cover the whole nation by 3years with quality proper and easy asses to information.


We are non-profit organization with the aim of achieving an effective peaceful, healthy and competitive communities, in which the youth are employed or self-employed in their respective trained area of expertise, reduction of poverty, social vices, and healthy youth relationships with access to reproductive health information and good standard of living

The purpose of this organization shall be to create an atmosphere of cooperation, creativity, competition, and awareness of the free enterprise system, to provide a vehicle to build rapport among the many communities, media and business constituencies, to encourage the youth in community to creativity, productivity, healthy life and a leadership which results in economic and educational opportunities for the youth in the various communities and Ghana as a who



YIAICD envisions a world where youth in communities, works together with the business, civic and education communities, strive to create better futures through business entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and community service.


YIAICD’s goal is to advance youth entrepreneurship and community service around the world, emphasizing ethical business practices, social responsibility, civic engagement and environmental awareness.


·         To educate the youth in the various communities to acquire knowledge on their specific environment, where natural resources and human resources in the communities are identified.

·          To support drop-outs and motivate children to education as and when required educating the youth on behavioral change, tolerance and anger management.

·         To assists young women and men to secure resources such as grant, land, technology and support services to establish small business, distribution channels and retail points in their community.

·         To educating the youth on SRH and HIV/AIDS with access to information and resources for strategic prevention

·         To promote entrepreneurship and innovations to create jobs


·         Skills training

·         Environmental protection

·         Cultural exchange 

·         Youth in agriculture 

·         Unite all groups and clubs

·         School drop outs

·         Teenage pregnancy

·         Database of all skill craft and unemployed and employed in community

·         Upgrade all self employed and entrepreneurs

·         Assist them to register their business

·         Open bank accounts and operate record keeping for entreprenuers

·         Share the list of interested youth to learn skill among them in their own community

·         Agree and pay them through the bank for skill transfer to the youth

·         Organize exhibitions and invention exposure fares

·         Health sensitization and access to information SRH, HIV/AIDS

·         Communal labor / keep fit and inspection

·         Yearly competitions

·         Ensure safe community and community resources

·         Draw and plan agenda which will involve the community and some of their elders and submit monthly reports

·         Poverty Alleviation training

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